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Impressive results for a unique ultra-niche beauty brand 

With the average cost of clicks $1.50 and the average cost of conversion $10+ getting anything of value for free is virtually unheard of in this day and age.  Learn how this ultra-niche beauty brand doubled their marketing list with almost 4,000 highly-targeted premium beauty buyers for free! 

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Boom!Viral works best for brands that need big results - fast! If you're an ecommerce business, large salon chain, large-capacity spa, magazine, recruitment agency or exhibition group - this is for you.    


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Marketing List - Doubled - For Free!!! 

From how? To wow!!!

Elixseri is a brand on a mission. A mission to improve the lives of women everywhere with truly clean beauty. Intelligent skin care, highly targeted solutions and microbiotic formulas are the hallmarks of this uber-premium brand.  

"What are we going to do with all of these leads?"

You have an exquisite beauty brand that delivers exceptional results. The culmination of your many years in the cosmetic business; you've poured your knowledge, your heart and your soul into creating something of beauty, which actually works! 

Your green credentials are real, your formulations are highly evolved from the pack and you genuinely care passionately about our world and the people in it. But consumers are so jaded by false claims of amazing skin benefits that every brand seems to claim, that they just can't see any differences. 

This could be any brand worth it's salt - and if it sounds like your brand then read on...because we are about to get to the juicy bits! 


Faiza Cochrane-Janselme - Elixseri Co-Founder  


How Would You Like Your
Marketing List - Doubled - For Free!!! 

We only have a small list! 

6 June: Clean Beauty campaign opened! 
Social media campaign: Hero banner + Founders' video post across all platforms 
Social Proof: Beauty Expert test group provided the social proof to kick-off the campaign 
Social Proof came flooding in- this brand has some big love from its fans! 
27 June: Campaign closed! 


More than doubled the list in 3 weeks!  

From a small list of around 2,200 to almost 6,000 in only 3 weeks! 
Almost 50% of the optins were organic, warm referrals!! (the industry average is <3%)
3,500 new customers gained for less than $0.15c 
Almost 16,000 unique new visits to their website 
All tracked and retargeted for the follow up campaign

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